Friday, August 20, 2010

It is Friday....

When one asks "What is your favourite day?", most people will say Friday! Well it is the beginning of the weekend, and all of us a looking for a short break.

Yesterday, I took a sneak at the shops and saw that maroon & burgundy colour is coming back for Autumn (my favourite as well).

Since I am talking about colours, I predict that mostly earth tones will be "in" this Autumn...and of course lets not forget the grey colour that sneaked into our wardrobes some years ago.
Black...what shall we say it is a "colour" that always finds it's place regardless of the seasons.
And since red is also making a come back (not only as a colour of a garment but also in beauty/lip colour) make sure to find your shade.

Don't forget those red lips;-)
Chanel Fall 2010
To complete the look the girl needs Accessories, right? Well in case you have already stocked on the lace-up boots (both heel and flat), ankle boots and biker boots; you are all set.
Of course, we always need to ensure that it really can be re-used again this season, so I suggest that you still go ahead and find that perfect pair for this season (was that convincing enough excuse to purchase a new pair of shoes?;-))

And then, of course one needs a bag as the trend is rectangular shapes...but I like the school bag look of Mulberry

All this talk about the upcoming season and clothes has left me with a sudden urge to run out and do some shopping...Speaking of shopping I have managed to find my over-the-knee boots and a military jacket (the burgundy hat is still to be found)
A word of advice, those boots are running hot if you found a pair you like grab them now!

Wishing you nice and sunny Friday!

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